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Agri-Trace running on a computer Agri-Trace™, a solution developped by Agri-Traceability International, offers an all-inclusive package solution, including the entire range of products and services needed to implement, manage and maintain either a complete or a modular system for permanent identification and traceability of agri-food products.

This multi-specie application, adaptable to your specific needs, will allow you to, among other things, create and assign identification numbers, identify and manage production sites, compile information on animals such as their birthdates, their gender, and the dates on which they were tagged. Furthermore, this system will allow you to track every location an animal has been to throughout its lifetime.

Agri-Trace™ is adaptable to your specific needs and is based on 4 pillars:
  • Identification of users and partners;
  • Identification of premises;
  • Identification of agri-food products;
  • Movement follow-up.

The 4 Pillars of Traceability

The Agri-Trace™ solution rests on the 4 pillars of traceability. For each of those pillars, the Agri-Trace™ solution offers, besides a software, an entire range of services.

Identification of Users and Partners

  • Users Registration
  • Information on Programs and Laws
  • Information on Processes

Premises Identification

  • Premises Registration
  • Data Compliance
  • GPS Coordinates of Premises

Identification of Agri-Food Products

  • Management of Identifiers Dissemination
  • Information on Identifiers Utilization
  • Information on Events Statement

Movement Follow-up

  • Tag Retirement
  • Movement Follow-up
  • Seeking of Missing Data

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